JNR falcon X-18000 disposable vape

JNR falcon X-18000

In the dynamic world of vaping, change and benefit are most important.Meet the JNR falcon X-18000 disposable vape in the UK market now, a game changer and a bright future of disposable vapes.Designed with a modern vapor in mind to make the vaping experience more stylish and leave an ever-lasting impression. Lets see how worth it is?

 What is the JNR falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

Discover JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vapes in uk, as a future of vaping. That is designed for matchless satisfaction.Providing 18000 puffs capacity, this device ensures your enjoyable and lasting vaping journey. Here is some basic info of product;

BrandJNR (Just No Reason)
Made InChaina
Puffs!8000+ Puffs
CoilDual Mesh
Charging TypeC-type Cable
Kit TypeDisposable
Price£ 13.99
FlavorsFruity version 20+

Lift Your Experience With JNR Falcon X-18000 

Locate your vaping experience with JNR Falcon X-18000 puffs, created to deliver matchless satisfaction and fantastic performance. Having 18k+ puffs capacity, this device reconsidering the vaping experience, offering you an ideal and enduring journey of enjoyment.

JNR Falcon X-18000 puffs are an awesome choice for those who seek both style and substance in their vapes, due to its advanced technology and sleek design.

How Much Nicotine Content Is Added in JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

Normally JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape is available with 2% Nic-salt but also available in 5% Nic- salt.

Nicotine Free

JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape is also available with nicotine free content.

How Can I Use JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

To use JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape follow the steps;

1.Unbox The Device

Simply unbox the JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape.

2.Remove Safety Cover

Remove its safety cover slowly  with care, from the mouthpiece and bottom.

3.Activate The Device

There are no buttons to start or stop, you simply have to inhale to activate the device.

4.Inhale To Enjoy

Inhale slowly or steadily according to your choice and enjoy vaping.

5.Monitor Puff counts

The puff count is limited to 18000.So keep an eye on your usage until the last puff.

6.Dispose Responsibility

JNR Falcon X-18000 is an electric device so its proper disposal is important to ensure no accidents and pollution .

What are the specifications of JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

Like other disposable devices JNR Falcon X-18000 vape also has some specifications.;

  • Puffs Count;  JNR Falcon disposable vape provides 18k+ puffs.That may last to several days and weeks according to usage.
  • Pre-Filled E-Liquid ; dual tanks contain 12 ml each, 24 in total.
  • Built in 950 mA/h rechargeable battery, C-type Charging cable.
  • Dual mesh coil for bigger vapor and stronger hits.
  • HD Display screen to show battery percentage, puffs count and other features.
  • Dynamic Display with colorful animation.

What is Battery life of JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

Battery is built in with 950mA/h but it also offers recharge ability. C-Type cable is required for quick charging of the device. Battery charging time is 2 hours but it can last the whole day.

JNR falcon X-18000

What flavors are available in JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

According to the advanced  vaping market, it is possible that the availability of flavors may change.

Fruit FlavorsBlue Razz Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, Kiwi Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice,Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Ice, Watermelon Ice
Menthol FlavorsCool Mint
Mixed FlavorsWatermelon Bubblegum, Berry Burst, Blueberry Raspberry Cherry, Cherry Berry, Strawberry Banana, Lemon & Lime, Blueberry Kiwi

JNR Falcon X-18000 – The masterpiece of Perseverance And Grace

Sink  yourself in a loftier vaping experience with JNR Falcon X-18000, where an excellent puffs capacity is waiting to provide matchless style and quality.The device claims to 100% pleasure of 18000 puffs capacity, taking your vaping level to peak levels.You may enjoy a hassle-free journey of vaping with advanced features and distinct design.


Yield to continuous vaping pleasure with the Falcon 18000 puffs.lightly activated by a simple mechanism, rechargeable battery of 950mA/h with C-type charging, dual mesh  coil technology to deliver fantastic flavored puffs every time ensures extended use and make it ideal for vapors in UK market.

What are the Prices of JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

In Uk market price of single pack and pack of ten Falcon 18000 puffs disposable vapes are;

Price for Single pack= £13.99

Price for Pack of 10= £ 84.99

Why I Choose JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape?

  • Unmatched Puffs Quantity;

Without Frequent replacement, enjoy an extended session of joy without any trouble with JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape, offering 18000+ puffs capacity.

  • Dual Mesh Coil Technology 

Providing an advanced technology of dual-mesh coil, the device intensifies your experience with stronger hits, spacious and dark clouds, and offers a truly excellent experience.

  • Quick Recharge Ability

Stop waiting for a long time to charge the Falcon X-18000. New battery of 950mA/h is built for quick charging with C-type cable,that gets you back quickly to vaping.

  • Distinct Design And HD Display

The Falcon X-18000 puffs have a clear clyster design complex with eagle patterns. The HD display keeps you in touch with the battery percentages and puffs counts, while the sprightly animations add a touch of grace and fun to your vaping routine.


1.What type of coil does the JNR Falcon X-18000 use?

JNR Falcon X-18000 features use dual mesh coil technology, providing stronger throat hits and larger vapor to make the experience joyfull.

2.How is the JNR Falcon X-18000 charged?

JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape provides recharge ability. C-type cable is required for quick charging.The battery fully charged time is 2 hours.

3.What is the puff capacity of the JNR Falcon X-18000?

JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape claims to provide 18000+ puffs. It may last for several days or a few weeks depending on your usage.

4.Is the JNR Falcon X-18000 suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is developed on user-friendly features. It is suitable for both beginners and expert users.

5.Can I Travel with a JNR Falcon X-18000?

Yes, you can travel with a JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape after checking airline precautions. But keep in mind to carry it in your Carry-on bag, not in checked luggage. Always check for its proper functionalities to ensure no accident while traveling. Avoid taking it when traveling in stress or excess heat.


The JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape is a great revolution in the market. It provides 18000+ puffs with 950mA/h battery, recharge ability,  dual mesh coil technology and other specifications. Besides 18000 puffs it claims to provide full joy and lift your vaping experience to peak levels. The heaven of flavors is always available 2% nic-salt and also without nicotine content. Falcon X-18000 is a great choice for beginners. It creates dense clouds which makes the experience awesome.you can enjoy vaping with a lot of fun and without trouble with JNR Falcon X-18000 disposable vape.

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